2007-11-18 10:34:34 by Black-Chaos

Every now and then, I get bored, so I write little stupid stories.

Here's on that is currently under construction. I was doing it last summer, when I just forgot about it.

There is no title to it so far...


There she was, the one woman I had dreamt of for so long, in my arms. Dead. It had all happened so fast. I didn't understand what had occurred. One moment she was with me, the next...

It was unbearable to think about. All I could do was mourn over the loss of a companion. Not only a companion, but MY dearly beloved. I stayed like that for a few minutes. Or was it hours? I couldn't tell. For all I knew, time had stopped just so I could gather myself.

I finally, painfully, came back to my senses, when it all went black.

I woke up. Was it morning? Yes. The light of the sun had just started to peer through the windows. But where was I? It all came back to me. I remembered all the screams. The pain I had caused to others. To my wife. The woman I had killed.

Again, the question rose. Where was I? Last I could remember, I was outside in the middle of the forest holding the dead body of my wife. I felt the back of my head. I could feel my dried blood. Or was it the blood of my victim? It didn't matter now. All I knew was that I had to do was to get out.

I got up. I felt a horrid pain running up my spine. I shook it off. I then ran to the window and tried to pull it up. It was no use. The window was nailed down. But by who? I looked around. There was no door. Who ever had placed me in here didn't want me to get out. I figured that I was in an attic, since the view from the window was quite high up. I looked down at the floor, looking for a trap-door to lead me out. Yes! I had found it. But when I tried to move it up, it refused to budge.

It was no use, I was trapped.

Escape pt. 2

Then I remembered, the knife. The knife I had used to end her life. I felt around my belt. Yes, I still had it. Whoever placed me here didn't do a good job in leaving me hopeless. I took the knife out of it's sheath. It was still wet. The redness of blood gleamed off of it in the sunlight. I decided what to do. I threw it. Not away, but at the window.

Perfect. The butt of the knife landed squarely in the center, shattering the glass. A foul smell entered the room from the outdoors. As soon as it came, it left. I either got used to it quickly, or the wind had blown it away. It didn't matter now. I started to climb out the window, careful not to touch the sharp endings still remaining from the glass. That's when... I tripped. I felt my thigh ramming into the shattered glass. It sliced into me like a hot knife through butter. I could feel my boiling blood running down my leg. I could feel the bone in my thigh being carved by the glass. I could feel pain. It was unbearable. I couldn't yell. I wouldn't yell. I wasn't about to let my captor know that I was escaping.

I slowly slid the glass out of my leg. I could feel the glass rend my flash apart as it came out. Blood. It was everywhere. My jeans were soaked by it. I had to stand it. The glass finally made its way out. I could feel my body starting to get cold. I knew it was from the mass amounts of blood loss. I had to get to a hospital. But how? I could barely walk now. Wouldn't they recognize me? Wouldn't they realize I was the one who killed that woman in the middle of the forest? My wife. All the thoughts came back to me. I forgot about my leg. The pain of loss was too strong. I recalled all her wild screams as I tore the flesh off her bones. No. Now was not the time. I had to get out. I had to find a hospital. I had to escape.

I tore a piece of my shirt and tied it firmly around my wound. It would stop the bleeding, for now. I looked around at my surroundings once more. I saw my knife on the floor. I picked it up, and tried to carve into the wall. No use. This building was made of concrete. The window was my only way out. I used the knife to break the larger pieces of glass. Then, once again, I tried to crawl out. I took my time. I made sure I didn't trip over anything, again. Success! I was out. But how would I get down?

I slowly started to climb my way down, with the help of the window ledges. I had to take my chances of someone seeing me, it was the only way I could escape. On the last window down, my foot missed the ledge. I fell. At least it was only a few feet off the ground. Nothing bad had occurred. I considered myself lucky.

I looked around at my surroundings. I saw the forest in which I had killed... her. I took a final look at the house. That's when it hit me. It was my house. I had escaped my own house. Why did someone put me in my on house? Where was my wife's body? No time to ask now. I decided not to go back to the house. It might have risked the whole escape.

I started to limp toward the city. Who knows what I would find?

A Stroll Through The City

It was getting to be mid-afternoon by the time I got to the city. The walk through the forest didn't take but a little over an hour. The blood on my leg was beginning to get cold. I could smell the broken flesh starting to rot. Luckily I saw nobody in the forest. The time in the forest gave me time to reflect upon my deeds. I tried to justify what I had done. I had skinned her alive. Then, with the same knife I used to escape, I stabbed her in the stomach. I wanted to make sure her final moments were pain and suffering. Her stomach acids ate her insides away slowly. There was one thing I couldn't understand. What had pushed me to do it? One moment, we were happily strolling through the park, the next, I had killed her. I couldn't recall the time period in between.

Once I was near the city, I could feel that there was something wrong. There was no life. I didn't hear the daily traffic. I didn't smell the mixtures of restaurants, smog, and garbage that littered throughout the city. I didn't see the people. The city had died. Strangely, all the windows were open. Normal city people have the windows closed to keep out the smog. But again, it was not time to ask.

My entire body was completely numb. The piece of cloth that was holding back the blood in my leg had failed. I was losing blood quickly. I had to get to a Hospital, or I would faint in the middle of the street. I limped as quickly as I could to the nearest store. Hopefully there was somebody inside that would guide me to the closest hospital.

Or not.

The inside was empty. Almost all the shelves had been cleared out. I looked around. There was nobody at the counter. I was about to leave when I saw an arm. I looked back over the counter. On the floor, to my horror, was a body. It was warm. Whoever this was had died not long ago. There was no signs of a homicide. No marks on the neck to say that this person was strangled. Nothing. I looked aver the rest of the counters. It was the same story. Dead bodies.

I limped around the store. I found what I was looking for. A sewing kit. I ripped it open, and started to sew my leg shut. It wasn't much, but it was something. After cleaning up, I left the store. Again, I faintly smelled the same foul smell that I smelled when I broke open the window back at the house.

I began looking into the other shops. Everybody was dead. There was no life left in the city. But why? Who, or what, had killed everybody off? What had made me want to murder my own wife? Who had locked me in my own home? That's when it hit me. Whoever locked me in my house, didn't want to lock me in. That person tried to lock someone, or something, else out.

Maybe escaping from my house was the worst mistake I had done.

A Time to Run

I had to make it back to the house. Soon. I felt as if something were going to jump out from behind my back. All these deaths, including my wife's death, were connected... somehow. They had to be. It couldn't be a mere coincidence.

I started running. With every step, horrendous pain shot up my leg. But there was no way I was going to stop. I could feel the stitches in my leg begin to unravel themselves. I should have brought the sewing kit with me, but it was too late to turn back now. Somehow, I felt that whatever had murdered the city, was out to get me.

I was almost out of the city when I tripped over... something. I felt my stitches get caught on a small branch from a nearby tree. They blew out of my leg. A shearing pain shot up my leg as the stick ripped out pieces of flesh that where still held by the stitches. A warm liquid began to crawl it's way down my leg. Blood. I was about to let myself bathe in the warm liquid when I saw what I had tripped over. It was a stack of newspapers. A closer look at them and I could see the date printed on them.

June 18, 2009.

Nothing strange about that, except that the last date I could remember was June 10, 2008.

I had forgotten a year of my life.


I scrambled back to the house, carrying a copy of the newspapers. I had taken off my shirt and tied it around the reopened wound. It wouldn't hold back the blood for long, but I needed to get my self back together.

By the time I got there, I felt a cold sweat run down my back. My shirt had done it's job. It was completely soaked with my blood. My only hope left was the small chance of there being a sewing kit at the house. If not, I would die of massive blood loss.

I stood at the door, hoping it would open for me. I began to turn the doorknob, when, to my horror, I felt it stop on mid-turn. It was locked. I began to look around for a spare key. My body felt half-dead. No one could stand so much blood loss for so long. My sight was blurrier, I couldn't taste the blood on my lips anymore, it felt cold all over me. If I didn't close my wound soon, I would be lying down in my own puddle of blood.

I couldn't fight the hands of death any longer. I let myself fall to the ground... and die.


Darkness. It was all I could see. All the blackness of the earth had engulfed me, leaving only my mind to wonder through past deeds done and lost. As my mind raced through the possibilities of where I was, I began to see a light shining through the vast emptiness of death. I could not not move my lifeless body toward it, so I calmly waited and let it come.

The light slowly crept towards me. Though, the closer it came, the stranger I felt. I began to feel an unnatural warmth over my lower torso. It started to come faster and faster, and all I could do was stare. I soon felt pain in place of the calm warmth that had engulfed my lower torso just a few seconds before. Then, just before the light reached me, it disappeared.

Still in pain, I looked around. It was not until my eyes adjusted to the darkness once again, that I saw a strange human-like figure staring down on me. With much effort, I croaked out a single word.



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2007-11-18 14:02:45

um, so i liked em

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2007-11-22 12:17:18

thats quite a good one, who was staring at him?

Black-Chaos responds:

I'm in the process of making an interesting (I hope) mini-chapter thing. At the same time as doing your site. :P


2007-12-06 00:17:57

what are you blabing about? is there a retarded down version of this story?

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2007-12-08 11:56:20


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2007-12-11 20:07:52


You know this would be perfect for a point n click adventure game which would be REALLY easy to make?!!

Black-Chaos responds:

You know what?

You're absolutely right. :D


2007-12-12 11:30:22

mmmm point and click...

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