April fools online list

2008-04-01 00:26:26 by Black-Chaos

Pic taken at 12:00 am, April 1st, Newgrounds time. :)

April fools online list


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2008-04-01 00:58:02

Yay, I'm on there! :3

Black-Chaos responds:

Yay! Now you can be known, like me, to have no life. :D


2008-04-01 05:00:22

I can see my name so I dunno

Black-Chaos responds:

Nope, you're not there. :(


2008-04-03 05:50:11

i never go on the forum anymore i just come here for the flash's although i did see he ebaums world thingy on the front page and all the poo related flashs on the front page

Black-Chaos responds:

But where you here at midnight?


2008-04-03 15:05:45

heh, you live in 'cumming'

Black-Chaos responds:

yeah, thanks to newgrounds I understood the joke after a few years of living here...


2008-04-03 16:42:13

We should meet up someday.

Black-Chaos responds:

Yeah. Then I could finally actually know someone on here. :3


2008-04-07 08:16:58

I'm not there either. -_-

Black-Chaos responds:

That's because you were asleep like all the normal people. :3


2008-04-12 20:39:11

nice lvl and b/p rank keep at it ;)

Black-Chaos responds:

Thanks. Although I haven't deposited in months, I think I'll start again.


2008-04-13 10:31:59

I left at 11:30ish, how unfair? I am shocked! Nooo!

Black-Chaos responds:

If only you waited that half-hour.

tsk tsk tsk... :P


2008-04-19 15:44:35

Fuck, I'm never on those pictures. I need to start going on the BBS more often I suppose. :'(

Black-Chaos responds:

Don't do it! Keep your life while you still have a chance! :3


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